Welcome to Foundations!

This campaign is unique in that you not only build a strong party of heroes, you build a permanent addition to the map: a city! You will be put in charge of an expedition to found a city to take control of a certain area deemed appropriate by your liege lord. Building a city is not an easy or simple process though, and you will be faced with many challenges. You must be vigilant, and watch for raiding parties. You must also clear the nearby lands of any hostile creatures, and establish the foundation of a great city. Throughout the campaign, you’ll have to recruit key people to act as a council, attract professionals to set up shop in your town and nobles to live there, drive a growing economy, adventure to increase wealth, find new resources, clear out enemies, and so much more! You will need a mix of cunning, bravery, leadership, and strategy to succeed. Will your city specialize in trade and commodities, growing its wealth quickly? Or do you have plans for it to be a well defended oupost to raise a great host and conquor your foes with ease? The choice is yours.

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