Invisible Sandwich

Coming across a town where all the inhabitants and their buildings were cloaked for some unknown reason, you decided to take up their plea and investigate the tower that vanished a while ago. Reaching the tower, which was difficult enough to find, it being invisible and all, you are nearly ravaged by a pack of wolves that were much more difficult to see than normal wolves. After dispatching the pack, and tending to many a wound, you entered the tower. Slaying an invisible Orc on the first level yielded a gemstone and some gold. Cirden swiped a nice looking silver goblet from some old and long dead lord in a secret chamber, seemingly a war council room of sorts. Obe also got himself a gilded trophy (though tarnished) and some fool`s gold. Fending off an invisible giant centipede, and getting the hang of fighting these invisible things, you came across a couple undead, invisible, of course. Slaying the creatures handily, Karma checked everyone over and gave them the OK for being disease-free! You are now standing in a secret room, accesed only by Obe`s smashing the wall down with his fists. All the while, Rawley, the pigeon master, has been patiently tending to his birds outside the tower. Alone.



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