John Ramos

The hated tyrannical ex-king.




A once great man corrupted by power, King John Ramos’ rule was similar to how King Willem’s rule is now. He was loved for de-throning the last King…who then was called Emperor…and supposedly redefined how the Kingdom was run from the ground up. He won great battles, and treated his army as lords all. King Ramos expanded the empire tenfold, and called it a Kingdom. His conquests put great strain on the people, however. Most endured, as they thought it was a necessity to expand the Kingdom further. When the battles subsided, King Ramos’ opression of the people did not. This led to rebellions, and eventually, the great mutiny of the King’s Army under General Willem.

King Ramos’ sigil is a golden serpent on a black field.

John Ramos

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