Tent – A tent is used to house people. It is easy to set up, costs very little, and is easy to tear down. Tents are used mainly for housing village founders as they build up a city around themselves, and for military camps.
Requirements: None

Hovel – A hovel is a dirty little shack, that adds a bit more protection from the environment than a tent. It cannot be moved however. It is one way of setting the foundations of a city, or for creating very cheap housing for a destitute population.
Requirements: None

Hut – A hut is a more permanent structure that is used to house those same people building a city. Huts are much nicer than hovels, and can hold more people. Huts can be made out of whatwever materials are nearby, mainly wood, grass, etc, so therefore the requirements are low.
Requirements: None

House – A house is the cornerstone of any great city. It is where the majority of the people live, and it makes up the majority of the total buildings. Houses come in many shapes and sizes, as reflected below.
Normal Housing requirements: Farm
Small House
Medium House
Large House
Small Expensive House
Medium Expensive House
Large Expensive House

Manor – A manor is a grand home designed for the wealthy. It is a beutiful structure, with multiple floors, and the ability to house quite a few people, including servants.

Estate – An estate requires a lot of free space to build, as it boasts a very large yard or acerage. It houses a lot of people too, as there are many a servant and groundskeeper needed to appease its owner’s needs. Only the very wealthiest people can afford such a grand home.
Estates must be built with a stable, adding its cost to the cost of the estate itself.

Keep – A keep is the ultimate in personal quarters. It can double as a town hall as well. It has many servants. A keep can be awarded by lords to captains of their army, other lords, etc. It is very expensive, and houses large amounts of people. It takes up slightly less space than the sprawling estate, but still requires a lot of room to build. Keeps can be built well away from the city, but its effects still tie to the city that built it (wealth, revenue, population, etc). Keeps generally outpace their upkeep through trade and employment, and actually generate a small amount of revenue for the city. A keep must be built with 2 stables, adding their costs to the cost of the keep.

Castle – A city can have but one castle. It is very expensive, and houses a great many people. Lords, cousins, councilmen, high priests, and a plethora of servants. It also houses a council room, a throne room, a dungeon, its own guard, and its own chapel if necessary. Four stables must be built, one for the Royal family, one for the other lords/ladies, and two for the guard and servants that require animals.


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